Gnomes Often overlooked by other races, gnomes are in fact among history’s greatest movers. A thirst for knowledge and secrets combined with natural charisma and innate mystical talent make gnomes a race to be reckoned with.

History of the Gnomes

In the short history of Espalum after the Armageddon, the gnomes are known for their magical knowledge and tinkering of magical structures and things. They were the first to discover the great power of the ancient relics, they were able to utilize it. Under the leadership of Garrick Raulnor, they started to share their knowledge with clans of other races.

The Dwarven clan of Murkelmor wanted this knowledge for themselfs and offered the son of Garrick Rualnor, Boddynock an offer he could not refuse. It drove him so far to murder his own father. These events split the Gnome community into two. With Boddynock Rualnor opposed by the apprentice of Garrick Rualnor, Dimble Daergel.

Home of the Gnomes

The clan of Rualnor has allied with the dwarves in capital Austrunur, while the Daergel clan is traveling around Espalum.


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