Character Creation

Races of Espalum

The races of Espalum are still numberous until this day. Though the 100 year Armageddon has had an great effect on all the different races. Almost all have survived this ordeal. Even a few races appeared after Armageddon, some evolved because of it others were created.

Races of Old

  • Deva
    • The Deva is a scare race even until this day, I will only allow a maximum of one party member to be a Deva.
  • Dragonbron
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
    • It would be interesting, if there is a team up of a Elf and Eladrin, most elves are fighting in a rebellious war against the Eladrin. Although some Elves stay loyal to them.
  • Eladrin
    • Of course an Eladrin who has joined the Elves side of the battle , or who just doesn’t care is an interesting side to play.
  • Gnome
  • Genasi
  • Human
  • Goliath
  • Tiefling

Races of New

They began appearing after the great cataclysm.
  • Changelings
    • The altered species. Most commonly hated race on the world. For this reason they hide whom they really are. You can be of any humanoid race except the Warforged for obvious reasons. But maybe you are one of a kind who whants to show who he really is. Facing the consequences. Or maybe you’re on a quest to find who you’re unaltered ancester was. Was he Human, Elf or maybe an ugly Dwarf?
  • Shifters For ever altered beasts. Maybe you like it this way, or you would rather be more like your ancestors, a savage creature. On the other hand you might be wanting to get rid of your savage side.
  • Salvator Elf A salvator elf, tormented forever as an immortal creature. Do you wish to release your torment, or do you make it your strength? Maybe you want the impossible, to return to your old form. Even though you have lived through century’s the madness of eternal life has made your memories and social skills fade away and they degrade by each passing year.
  • Warforged
  • Kalashtar
  • Githzerai
    • Not much is known about the Githzerai origin. They have been only around since after the Armageddon. And even then they mostly keep to them selves. To find a true purpose and respect the other races. They have monetary’s in many regions of Espalum


The following classas can be trained in, in the world of Espalum. They are divided by power source. Each power source has a different flavor and meaning in the world of Espalum. Some more respected then others. It won’t have a mechanical benefit to chose one or the other.

  • Artificer, the item creator (Leader)[EPG]
  • Bard, the entertainer/arcane archer, (Leader) [PHB2]
  • Sorcerer, talented by nature/bloodline of dragons/no control over powers, (Striker) [PHB2]
  • Swordmage, Swashbuckling wizard, (Defender) [FRPG]
  • Warlock, Made a pact with an entity, (Striker) [PHB1]
  • Wizard, the library nerd/summoner/illusist/aoe wacko, (Controller) [PHB1]
  • Avenger, Holy assasin, (Striker) [PHB2]
  • Cleric, Spike healer, (Leader) [PHB1]
  • Invoker, Touched by the hand of a Deity, (Controller) [PHB2]
  • Paladin, Holy warrior, (Defender) [PHB1]
  • Fighter, Weapon specialist, (Defender) [PHB1]
  • Rogue, Backstabber/Trap finder, (Striker) [PHB1]
  • Ranger, Animal friend/Archer/dual wielder, (Striker) [PHB1]
  • Warlord, Tactist, (Leader) [PHB1]
  • Barbarian, Rager, (Striker) [PHB2]
  • Druid, Animal impostor (Controller) [PHB2]
  • Shaman, Spirits friend/AoE healer, (Leader) [PHB2]
  • Warden, Tree/earth guy, (Defender) [PHB2]
  • Monk, Striker
  • Psionic, Controller
  • Assasin, tactical killer, Striker

If you want to know more about a class, just ask.


Your character has or had a home somewhere on Espalum, and your life didn’t start at the beginning of the campaign, you can gain the benefits of at most one background. You can describe your own background an incorporate background found in the official books. You can at maximum one bonus from a background, in the form of a:
  • Extra language
  • A skill on your skill classlist, so you can train it when creating you background.
  • +2 Bonus on a skill


I’m not planning to enforce the alignment on every character. But it can be help full for playing and creating your character. You may use both the 3.5 edition 9 alignments (From lawfull, true or chaotic Good to lawfull, true or chaotic Evil)_ or the 4th edition 6 alignment (Lawfull Good, Good, Neutral, Evil, Chaotic Evil) system. If you can play wish to role play according an alignment you can earn extra role play experience. If you do it well.

More references and tips on the different alignments and how to play them

Traits and Flaws


You may choose up to two traits for your character, be aware that each trait has a small trade off. These traits may help you establish a personality for your character, but you do not need to have the trait of honesty, for your character to be an honest character.


I’m not giving any predefined flaws which your character may have, and they won’t have any mechanical benefits. You can however describe a flaw which your character has. You can use this to your benefit while role playing. You can even use it to earn yourself a little more role playing experience.


I won’t expect from anyone that your personality is complete before or during the campaign. But it like to have an idea about what you have in mind who your character is. What made him interested in joining one of the two guilds. (Starting the campaign both of the party’s will start in different guild’s. More about the guilds of Espalum here). What made him into what he/she is now, <<insert class=”true”>>. What is his/her goal, for now…

These are things that are interresting for me to know, most of these will develop in every session a little.

What I at least want to know about your character

But there are some things i’d like to know about your characters. You don’t, you can of course, have to answer these questions in more then a sentence of two.

  • What do you want to achieve later in you life. More a long-term goal then short-term If its reasonable and concrete enough, i may be able to weave it into the campaign.
  • What made your character want to join the guild. (The guildnames are located at the listing of the characters). Hard question to answer, but try none the less
  • Name two things your character likes to avoid.
  • How are you perceived by other characters. think your behaviour

Creating your character sheet

Before you can play wich your character you need to create one on a character sheet, with the options above. Be sure to or not add them yet, and describe any extra choices when you publish him, or send him/her to the DM.

Publishing it to this site

After your done i’d like every party member to create an account here and publish your character. Adventure logs will be kept. And you can even keep your own character journal’s and inventory. Most of the accumulated campaign information will be available on this site.

After that you can add yourself to this campaign as a player. The first example of this is Demmi, Varis Sylvari or Corbin Greyson.

When thats done you can print out your character sheet and play the game in the next coming session.

Character Creation

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