Thorkil Strongshield (Hamate)

I love secrets and i love maps. Give me your secret maps.


Thorkil Strongshield is the 25th son of one of the most famous dwarves of all time, Durm Strongshield. Durm is a renowned weapon smith, but he is most well known for siring 25 male offspring and not one daughter. He has become the envy of most male dwarves in his hold as well as sought out by some of the female dwarves who have yet to have a male heir. Thorkil, the youngest son, is better known as Hamate because his favorite toy as a young dwarf was his father’s hammer, which he would use to smash anything within reach. Because he has so many older brothers there was not much use for him working in his father’s smithy. He spent most of his young days in weapons training and preparing for a life in the military. Another task of his was to run errands for his two oldest brothers who were researching different methods to make armour. This involved many trips to the library located deep in his mountain home. While waiting for the senior librarian to find the books he needed Hamate would wonder through the library. It was here he came across the map room and discovered another passion of his, old maps. He would spend hours in the room looking through them and was eventually befriended by one of the younger librarians. It was through this friendship that he was allowed access to some of the more prized and secret maps. These maps showed the location of famous dwarven tombs and long lost holds amongst other things. Feeling ever more restless Hamate decided he would much prefer a life of adventuring than just running errands for his brothers. With his father’s blessing he left the hold in search of greatness. Before he departed his librarian friend gave him a farewell gift. He had secretly copied three prized maps and gave them to Hamate along with a few other general maps so he would never get lost.

The Three prized maps:
  • The location of the Tomb of Dreams, highly encrypted.
  • A Lost elven city
  • The gateway to *** written in an ancient laguage.

Thorkil Strongshield (Hamate)

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