Espalum, a reshaped world.

Travel Towards The Griffon Tops

Stop the activation on the Griffon Tops, Ambush in Deep Heathen

Airtremor blasts through the sky, followed by a ray of energy orginating of the Griffon Tops towards several kilometers above Austrunur. After mourning Aqil’s death, Connal and S’Doryn join the party. Hacari activates the Roxas Mirror Locating the first 8 Masks of the Legendary Thirteen. Tremor was because of the activation of three of the masks at the Griffon Tops.

Quest: Travel towards Griffon Tops and find out what had happened and maybe you can put a stop to it.

After traveling half way, they arrived in a town called Deep Heathen. Looking like a totally normal village but after midnight it turns out it was an ambush by Trituli, a Reaper. Apparently with quite an hateful relationship with Varis. He is after the mask. After being part-victorious over Trituli’s minions, he promisis to haunt them in their sleep.

After another few days of traveling they arrive at the Griffon Tops.


Zenmah Zenmah

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