Espalum, a reshaped world.

Arrival at the Griffon Tops

Mountain shaking event, a legendary Dragon reappears after Millenia of Myth

Finally a little relaxed at a clearing just in the mountains, you are being ambushed by a three apes and a couple of frogs. Obviously influenced by the strange magics from the top of the mountain, you can see the hatred in the purple glowing eyes and the strange markings across the animals. After a tough fight and with the help of the guardian of the Griffon Tops, Gennal, you manage to put them down.
Gellan asks your help to stop the ritual , interrupted by strange tremmors, he explains the events started by three similar purple humanoids. They started a nature altering ritual at the three tops of the mountains. And each seemed protective of a mask they carried with them.

Once arrived at the top of the mountain you witness the result of the tremors of the last few hours. All the three of the high Griffon Tops have joined together to create a triangle in the air. At each corner a Deva is kneeling in front of an altar, with on top of it a mask.
This triangle forms the foundation of a magical pyramid filled with dozens of griffin. In the center of the pyramid a portal was opened, out this portal a large mythical beast is starting to appear.
After only seconds Saddouk remembers, reading about a myth, a legend of the dragon. This creature, a dragon although smaller then described in the legend has all the same features and mythical marking of one.

So far only the first half of its body is out of the portal and it seems to have trouble coming out of it. But you know this it could be very dangerous if you do not interrupt this.

After a big fight, the dragon is lose, Connal is gone, at least you took one of the Deva’s down. The others are no where to be seen, but you prevented them from controlling it. That has to count for something.
The [[:dragon_aksaja, dragon Aksaja]] is in a rage and you are the only creatures left standing. The dragon rises in to the clouds which once more activate in a frenzy. The storm come back but now 10 times stronger and lightning as thick as tree crash down on the mountain. The rocks are crumbling, the rocks you are standing on. Damn it, and Saddouk, Benmo and Gennal. fall down in to the depth of the earth…. It is the end….


Zenmah Zenmah

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