This campaign will feature the adventures of select guild members from the Drunken Rose, a guild in the southern area of the Atlurur mountains.

The world of Espalum has known the wrath of the gods and the world itself when the Armageddon of power swept across the globe. Almost all life was lost, but several hundreds people managed to survive.
The world changed in the centuries that the Armageddon took place. Localized regions with each its own climate where formed and the races that were left formed together to the Great Coalition. And started to rebuilt the world piece by piece.

Now two and a half millennia later in the year 2636 after the formation of the Great Coalition. Th relics found after the Armageddon are part of normal life in the great cities. From the Council Towers to small tools of ancient magic. None are aware of its great importance and where its power comes from, and no one cares much for it.
This will change in the months to come.

The story will start at the guild the Drunken Rose, located to the south of The city of Stone, Austrunur.

Where a group of adventurers started their Grand adventure.

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  • Espalum, a reshaped world.

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