Vast Deep Sea

The Discordea Ocean

A crater, created by the Armageddon, that filled itself with the water that fell from the skies. History and Geology prove that the area that is now this ocean used to be a rain forest, providing a reason of the still constant heavy rainfall. Yet the crater is so massive and deep that mortals have yet to see the bottom of the sea. Due to the sheer size of this sea, water overflowed from the surrounding area to form a whole network of rivers, streams and canals that reach as far as the other end of the planet.

The hidden city of Lochlin

If not using the Archways, it has proven impossible to travel here.


The climate very much depends on the mood of the water and the sky. If it is a heavily rainy day, the climate is dreary, wet and cold, yet if the skies are clear and the water calm, this ocean is the place to be.


The names Nemoph and Jaquov are known throughout the entire world. After those 2, no one has ever dared to think about travelling to the city of Lochlin by means other than the Archway.

  • +2 to all Skills related to use during seafaring life.
  • +1 swim speed.
  • +2 to Endurance to resist Hypothermia.
  • -2 to Diplomacy.
  • -1 to ALL skills per day not tasted/felt fresh water.

Vast Deep Sea

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