Stone Mountains

Atlurur Mountains

Capital City: Astrunur

Fortresses are spread throughout the mountains in this region. These fortresses connect to the largest mountain, ..... , by tunnels. This creates the Capital City of Astrunur.


Cold, chilly, rocky. 3 words that best describe the area. Due to all the building and mining that has been done there during the ages, the mountains have become slightly unstable and hazardous. If a traveler does not watch his step, he might watch the ground close in as he slips of the cliffs. Heavy winds also gale around these parts.


Mountain lions, goats and Cave spiders are used for travel in this region.

  • +5 hitpoints
  • +2 dungeoneering
  • +2 Athletics (Climb)
  • -2 passive perception on dim-light or worse

Stone Mountains

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