The campaign of Espalum, exists around four of five heroes. The players who are playing these heroes are expected to play most session, so they can form a bond with each other and the world.

As DM i want as much players as want to play for that reason i want to make a distinction between Heroes/Players(Main PC) who are more involved the the heroes(Guest PC) who are only active once or twice each month.

For the campaign itself i would like to be able to plan a session every week, at least three of the 4-6 main pc’s should attend. Otherwise the session would be canceled.

Time and dates
Almost all sessions will be held in the weekend. Although if there is enough interest it is possible to prepare a session on weekday’s in the evening after 7.30. This is also possible if there is a request or need to do personal quests.

Invitations will be send at least 3 days before the sessions start. I expect to be known at least 24 hours in advance if you will attend or not. This way i can notify everyone on time, if the session is canceled.

Main player characters

As notified above players who want to join the campaign as main characters, need to meet these requirements.

  • Think about your personality and background (The minimum of what i would like know will be online soon.)
  • Are you able to attend a session 3-4 times a month?
Current Main characters:
  • Demmi, played by Shadowbunny a.k.a. Colin.
Guest player characters

Any other player who would like to join the campaign can appear as guest pc’s. Guest PC’s can be friend’s, colleagues or just outright characters wandering around. The point is they occasionally help the main characters advance in the world of Espalum.

Guest characters always appear mechanically as the same level as the lowest main characters.

  • Think a little bit about how your character is like. I will request a lot less. But its more fun to have interesting characters to have around. (More info soon)
  • If you’re thinking about joining the campaign more often what do you do when not helping the main pc’s?

New players always start as Guest PC’s and if they want can be Main PC’s.

Current Guest PC’s
  • <character name=”true”>, played by <player name=”true”>.


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