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Welcome to world of Espalum

A short history of the events that made the world espalum the way it is now.

Adventure: The Activation Legendendary Thirteen


The characters

Get to know the protagonists and their allies.
Location last met   Allies
Drunken Rose Guild   Miradoni Shadedrow, Makarov, few others
Town of Fallcrest   Captian Faringray, Sorik Orvash, Vistum
Austrunur   , Hacari Meluzan
The Antagonists
Location last met   Antagonists
Neclash Clan / Yellow Skulled Bandits   Arzan, Sorax(KIA), Drex (KIA), Jeras Valck (KIA), Young child
The Reapers   Trituli, Psychopath
Unknown Orginazation   Dunstin Greyson
Unleashed Dragons   Aksaja

The surroundings

Currently the story places itself in the Stone Mountains region of the world. This area is mostly made of stone, and mountains. The main city is Austrunur a city ruled by the Dwarven and Gnome clans. Also called the Metal city that moves, home of the best Tinkerers over the land.

Although the largest population consists of Dwarven and Gnome clans. There a few Dragonborn clans located over the area, they mostly avoid the main city and are located to the edges of Stone Mountains. In lesser extent, you will find human families scattered in the villages across the land.

The guilds of Espalum

One of the most prominent organizations in Espalum are the many guilds that are spread over the land and seas. Guild exist to reunite people and are remnants of the The Great Coalition. It offers a place for lost or ambitious individuals.
One of the most reknown guild, for better or worst, is the Drunken Rose.

Dark Guilds

In Espalum there are a collection of guilds known for their, less traditional jobs and tasks. An example of these guild are The Reapers

Other important locations

Houserules and other important information for players.

  • Organisation, doodle
  • Characters, PC’s are part of the Drunken Rose
  • Rewards
    • Gaining Levels, no exp, 2/3 session a level
    • Treasure, in the world of Espalum there most magic is from before the Armageddon, including Magic Items. Expect to find magic items with a background.
    • Quest rewards, rewards for quests such as treasure, artifacts, boons and favors from some npc’s

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