Fiddlestick forest

Fiddlestick Forest

It mostly exists of thick woods and several ruins of eladrin or elves heritage. Also it is suppose to be home of the small and nimble fiddlesticks and their pets.

Inhabited by the locally known fiddlesticks, but also other fey like creatures.

Inside the fiddlestick forest


Places near the fiddlestick forest

Town Theldiria

A most beatifull town, originally built during the great coalition, and made by two clans, an eladrin and an elven clan. 500 years ago both clans vanished leaving strange symbols on the houses.
Now it is inhabited by a gnome clan, the Deepstriders. Several smaller clans live in the outskirts of town, the Dragonborn clan of Colomaar, the dwarven clan of Van Hyden and several human family’s including the Don Capitales.

Fiddlestick forest

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