A small city to the north/north-west (about 30 miles) of the Drunken Rose guildhall, just south of the Dawnforge Mountains. A tall gate openes up the city. Always guarded by the minimum of two guards. At night the gate is shut tight.

The city of Fallcrest is goverened by the Lord Warden.

To the south of the city lies Vanamere’s Tower, it is seperated by a thick and tall wood, the Cloack woods at least 10 miles wide.

Places of interest in Fallcrest

Stars and Moons Inn

The meeting place for the The Yellowskull Bandits and Vanamere’stower mission of the Drunken Rose party. Demmi, Hamate, Adin and Ferzth met up with Captian Faringray to discuss the details of the mission. The barmans was named Athust. Questionably the Barman was frigtened by the mentioning of the guild’s name. Apparently the Drunken Rose members don’t have a very good reputation.

House of Lord Warden

The lord warden has a villa in the middle of the city of Fallcrest. Apparently Miradoni Shadedrow had a brunsh together with the Lord Warden when the meeting with Faringray took place.


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