City of Lochlin

The city itself

Imagine a mix of floating houses, combined with lots and lots of viaducts and currents. This is the city that lies in the Discordea ocean. Within the middle of this floating town stands a massive fountain, shooting big streams of water into the sky. In the center of this fountain stands the Council Tower, of which only the top is visible from outside the fountain. Around the town itself lie many docks, scattered around.


Mostly fisherman and shipwrights live in this city, though one might also come to live here for the freedom. Since it is rather hard to reach this city by boat, as it would take you your entire life to even find it, this city is rather easy going and quiet. The nearest neighbors to any given house live at least 100ft. away.


Leadership is this city is determined by piracy in the form of a annual loot-fest. This fest is won by finding the largest or most valuable loot. The Grand Monarchs of nearby Regions, led by the Grand Monarch of the Sky, will be the judges in this fest. Stealing from other participants is not allowed, but they ARE pirates.

City of Lochlin

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