A massive stone wall surrounds the Capital City in this Region. The setup of the town is very complicated and if not used to its many side-passages and corridors, one could easily get lost. Including the fact that most buildings look exactly alike, many travelers have to hire a guide, just to get around safely. Using this to their advantage, many thieves prey on innocent and unsuspecting adventurers.


Cats are highly worshiped.

source: Egyptian Culture


The Grand Monarch, Harroah, is chosen quiet easily. Every first born son is tested in skill, knowledge and strength to become the new Grand Harroah. The one whose results are the highest is chosen for this heavy task. The six best results following the Harroah, are chosen as the new Monarchs. The advisor is the father of the chosen Harroah.


Espalum, a reshaped world. Zenmah Zenmah