Espalum, a reshaped world.

Welcome to the Adventures of Espalum
Introduction of Espalum's Adventurelog

Dear Adventurers,

This is the first of all posts where the adventures of the PC’s are written. These posts will follow two groups of adventurers. Each group adventuring for one of the guilds The Drunken Rose or The Mithril Equilibrium. Anyone playing in the adventures can make a contribution to the report of a play session. It is meant for the missing players to know what they missed. And if you cannot remember what happened before you are able to read back before the start of a session.

It will start at the next post.

Greetings, The DM

The Yellowskull Bandits and the Storm tower
The very first mission, going semi-solo

—The scene starts when Demmi, Hamate, Adin and Freztharrive back from there last training mission at the Drunken Rose guild hall. The have retrieved the book of Training and delivered it back to Makarov, the gnome guild master.

A celebration was in order and literely the roof was set on fire by Adstrur ‘Salamander’ Greytall, with one of the best festivities in a long time. They discussed the new mission, under Miradoni Shadedrow. The mission Yellowskull’s raid was rather unclear, but was interesting enough for the Drunken Rose to accept it.

The next day the five of them went on foot across the steep cliffs of Dawnforge Mountains and arrived late in the night at Fallcrest. The next morning waking early, Miradoni was missing, apparently she went on in Fallcrest. The party moved towards the Star and moons Inn under the guide of the silent Warforged, where the meeting with Captian Faringray was scheduled.

The meeting with Captian Faringray went very well and the party was introduced to the one and only survivor of the raid off the yellow skulled bandits, Sorik Orvash, the dwarf.

With the promise of a reward of 500gp the party took the quest Quest: The Yellowskulled bandits and Vanamere’s tower upon them.

They headed out, under the guide of Sorik Orvash while walking avoiding the notorious Cloak Woods. Approaching the tower the weather was worsened by the hour, until nothing could be seen except fog, heavy rain an the occasional lightning strike.

The Battles of Vanamere's Tower

Just before the party arrives at Vanamere’s Tower in the heavy an dark rain, they spot the ruins, and quietly close in. The party spots a captured dwarf, who was taken in by what apeared the yellowskulled bandits they heard so much about. Orsik, who was traveling with them cowared away when he knew what was going to happen. During the rescure operation the dwarf appeared to be a Yellowskulled doppelganger named Celk. But luckily are heroes where quite competent and turned this betrayal against Celk and his buddies. The fighting ended with a loud and sharp lightningbolt striking the tower. And out of the ruins a few rocks scattered, and a scroll encased in a copper casing dropped on the floor.

The ruins of Vanamere’s tower only let men wander to think what it has been. Now it it barely 3 meters high with a large hole as the entrance and a stone starwell that curls up to where the second floor was suppose to be. In the floor was a 2 meter wide hole with a rope hanging to the basement. And on the outside wall there were traces of the Goldenhawk Crest.

Our brave heroes, Adin, Hamate, Demmi and Ferzth headed down while Osrik guarded the entrance. Unknowingly they were ambushed by Tregger and his pet Chomper and a few other yellowskulls. They tore right through the armor of Ferth in the first few seconds. Luckily Hamate and the rest quickly freed the cleric of Chompers grasp. An they unleashed their revenge by setting the wooden staircases on fire, with some yellowskull on it. During the fight they vanquished all but on of the yellowskulls. He got away towards the next room.

After the wooden

The return in The Drunken Rose.
Surviving the latest Ambush by The Neclash Clan, how will they deal with its lasting Threat

Nadat jullie het pratende masker uit de Vanamere toren hadden ‘bevrijd’. Zijn jullie keer op keer belaagd door de Yellow skulled bandits en de Neclash clan, en elke keer zijn aan hun greep ontsnapt. Het meest recente gevecht om het masker vond plaatst op een ravijn, waar de jonge dragonborn bijna het masker te pakken kreeg. Gelukkig wisten jullie hem snel genoeg te onderbreken, na zijn mislukte poging wist hij helaas nog te ontsnappen. Jullie hebben echter de leider, Arzan van de ambush groep weten gevangen te nemen.

Ondanks jullie ‘skillvolle’ ondervraging zijn jullie er achter gekomen waarom de Neclash clan dit masker wil hebben. En jullie hebben door de cooperatie van Arzan eindelijk de beginnende krachten van het Gele masker, oftewel de Mask of Dreams, meegemaakt. Hij schijnt dromen te kunnen bekijken, en dromen te kunnen creëren in een slapend persoon. Waar deze krachten voor gebruikt kunnen worden is echter nog een raadsel.

Om de Neclash clan in de gaten te houden is Vanna een undercover missie begonnen, infiltrate de Neclash clan, zodat jullie ze een stap voor kunnen blijven.

Nadat jullie in de Drunken Rose zijn aangekomen is een request opgevallen, ene Hacari Meluzan had de volgende request opgehangen:

Guild Eyes Only. Help me find proof of the power and knowledge of the Legendary Thirteen. Rumors speak of thirteen special masks, meet me at my shop located at District Greathen in Austrunur. You will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

Signed Hacari Meluzan

Dat request van Hacari heeft erg veel weg van een van de maskers die jullie nu bij je dragen, een grote kans die je niet moet laten liggen. Eenmaal daar aangekomen zijn treffen jullie leden van de guild Fyria Liégeois aan, niet geamuzeerd door jullie onderbreking dreigen ze jullie om jullie weg te krijgen. Echter nadat jullie de magische woorden ‘Ancient Artifact’ noemen. Gaan ze over tot geweld.

Locating the Roxxas Mirror
Roxxas Mirror Located?

Na bij Hacari aangekomen te zijn, wilde ze dat jullie bewijzen dat jullie betrouwbaar genoeg zijn om haar taken te volbrengen. Zij wil de waarheid over de Ancient Relics naar buiten brengen. Volgens haar worden de gevaren en kansen hiervan onderdrukt door bepaalde mensen in de council van Austrunur. Door genoeg van de maskers te verzamelen kan ze de ‘waarheid’ van de ancient relics geforceerd naar buiten brengen.

Om te bewijzen dat jullie te vertrouwen zijn met de geheimen die ze kan delen moesten jullie uit een van de safehouses van de Fyria Liegios guild een spiegel ‘lenen’. Deze spiegel, zou locaties van verscheidene ancient relics kunnen laten zien.

Na hopen dat jullie op een diplomatische manier via de council hieraan konden komen, is deze weg helaas mislukt. Uiteindelijk dan toch voor de lichtelijk brute aanpak gekozen, zijn jullie met succes de eerste twee defensieve lagen van de safehouse doordrongen.

Nu is de vraag waar is die spiegel verstopt is.

Retrieving the Roxas Mirror
Finally found the Roxas mirror, wait how do we activate it?
Inside the Western Safe House of the Fyria Legios guild.

Shortly after you defeated the guard and his mechanical minions and shutdown the generator for the electricity in the platform room, you were looking for the location of the mirror. Aqil and Benmo figured out that the controls had a safety altert on them that if there is no power for more then 30 minutes, an alarm will inform the keepers of the safe house. After some fiddling with the controls of the room, you found the location of the Roxas Mirror. Before they set out, Aqil and Benmo wired the controls to fire up the electricity to fire up once the were out of the room.

Focussed on the goal, you went straight to the location of the mirror, led by Aqil and his sword of light. The door of the mirror room was lighted by five imp heads, each of different element. The room existed of five elemental cages. And a forcefield around the 10 by 15 feet mirror. As soon you entered the room five imps flew down and tried to keep you from the mirror. Unfortunately for them you managed to subdue them into their cages and the forcefield was lifted from the mirror.

With no way to activate the mirror, and the need to bring the mirror to Hacari Meluzan. It was decided that they needed to take it with them.

When you arrived back at the platform room, it was noticed that the electricity was once more out, and you did not have much time before the alarm was going to go off. With haste you rushed with the hefty mirror to the exit. Almost there, the electricity fired back up, and with a rustling sound waves of mechanical spiders were coming from all directions. At the exit where Varis was standing guard, Aqil and Benmo managed to open the entrance wide enough for the mirror to move through while Corbinand Hamatemanaged to keep the spiders away from the rest.

After the mirror went through, Benmo, Corbin, Saddoukand Hamate went through but unfortunately Aqil was caught by the spiders. With all his might he managed to keep them away from the entrance with fire lots and lots of fire. But wave after wave kept coming and the ripped him apart as the door closed down before the rest. Finally the heard a muffled scream of what might have been a demon ripple towards the city.

Quickly they escaped to a nearby cart salesman, who looked upon their despair was lucky to finally sell that last cart he still had standing. Outside people clad in Fyria Legios clothing were quickly moving to the safe house. After the ruckus quited down a bit, they embarked on a journey back towards the Drunken Rose.

When you finally left Austrunur, the City of Stone suddenly the horses stopped, and a strange air tremor followed. Its like they knew what was coming. Every fiber in the air of the whole Stone Mountains region trembled as a strange light far across the mountains was visible. The light traveled many miles across the sky towards Austrunur, as it came close it disappeared into the clouds.

Quickly struggling to keep the horses in check they traveled onwards toward the Drunken Rose.

Travel Towards The Griffon Tops
Stop the activation on the Griffon Tops, Ambush in Deep Heathen

Airtremor blasts through the sky, followed by a ray of energy orginating of the Griffon Tops towards several kilometers above Austrunur. After mourning Aqil’s death, Connal and S’Doryn join the party. Hacari activates the Roxas Mirror Locating the first 8 Masks of the Legendary Thirteen. Tremor was because of the activation of three of the masks at the Griffon Tops.

Quest: Travel towards Griffon Tops and find out what had happened and maybe you can put a stop to it.

After traveling half way, they arrived in a town called Deep Heathen. Looking like a totally normal village but after midnight it turns out it was an ambush by Trituli, a Reaper. Apparently with quite an hateful relationship with Varis. He is after the mask. After being part-victorious over Trituli’s minions, he promisis to haunt them in their sleep.

After another few days of traveling they arrive at the Griffon Tops.

Arrival at the Griffon Tops
Mountain shaking event, a legendary Dragon reappears after Millenia of Myth

Finally a little relaxed at a clearing just in the mountains, you are being ambushed by a three apes and a couple of frogs. Obviously influenced by the strange magics from the top of the mountain, you can see the hatred in the purple glowing eyes and the strange markings across the animals. After a tough fight and with the help of the guardian of the Griffon Tops, Gennal, you manage to put them down.
Gellan asks your help to stop the ritual , interrupted by strange tremmors, he explains the events started by three similar purple humanoids. They started a nature altering ritual at the three tops of the mountains. And each seemed protective of a mask they carried with them.

Once arrived at the top of the mountain you witness the result of the tremors of the last few hours. All the three of the high Griffon Tops have joined together to create a triangle in the air. At each corner a Deva is kneeling in front of an altar, with on top of it a mask.
This triangle forms the foundation of a magical pyramid filled with dozens of griffin. In the center of the pyramid a portal was opened, out this portal a large mythical beast is starting to appear.
After only seconds Saddouk remembers, reading about a myth, a legend of the dragon. This creature, a dragon although smaller then described in the legend has all the same features and mythical marking of one.

So far only the first half of its body is out of the portal and it seems to have trouble coming out of it. But you know this it could be very dangerous if you do not interrupt this.

After a big fight, the dragon is lose, Connal is gone, at least you took one of the Deva’s down. The others are no where to be seen, but you prevented them from controlling it. That has to count for something.
The [[:dragon_aksaja, dragon Aksaja]] is in a rage and you are the only creatures left standing. The dragon rises in to the clouds which once more activate in a frenzy. The storm come back but now 10 times stronger and lightning as thick as tree crash down on the mountain. The rocks are crumbling, the rocks you are standing on. Damn it, and Saddouk, Benmo and Gennal. fall down in to the depth of the earth…. It is the end….

Griffon Tops, Second visit
The dragon, Aksaja has left to the sky's. The Griffon tops are destroyed. And our heroes, are falling to their deaths.
The Rescue

Luckily Miradoni and Demmi save the day. And a little bit of luck grants Connal an oppertunity to retrieve his stolen sword.

To reunite, and to find the lost mask, the heroes return to the entrance of the Griffon top for a talk and a nights rest. That morning Miradoni and Demmi leave to find more info about the organization that is pulling the strings. While the others retrieve the mask that has fallen down.

Return to the Tops

The mask was under a pile of rocks and was broken. A ritual quickly repaired the ancient item and it was decided that it was worth checking out the remaining altars on top of the broken tops. The altars, where the deva’s were praying, now hung in the air.

The Deva’s return for revenge

But fail and die horribly

Secret visit by Trituli
Duran the Kobold village and the draconic scale

A large dragonic scale fell from the dragon Aksaja into the peaceful village Duran. And lodged itself into the great totem. One of the kobolds took a piece of the scale and made it into a staff, maddening himself. Until he was stopped by the heroes who where searching for

Mad Hag and the last mask

An old and strange gnome collects artifacts. She holds the last of the three masks activated on the Griffon tops. She traded the seemingly fake mask for the staff with a piece of draconic scale.

Return to the Drunken Rose

Fyria Legios has suspicions of Drunken Rose members, and searches the guild. In the mean while our heroes are confronted with their worst fears.

Meetup with Hacari and the assualt of Trituli
Protect All, Ban Evil
Lorgan locked away? Dunstan is not amused

Bemno Bladebuckle has returned to the scene to assist the troubled Dragonborn, with his Gnome issues.

Having solved their own trials Varis, Conall Axfort and S’Doryn need to activate the Barrier.

Now all trials have been solved, the Barrier activates around the summoned dragon with the invocation PROTECT ALL, BAN EVILPROTECT ALL, BAN EVIL!

Lorcan once again is denied freedom, Dunstan is not amused.

Corbin is unconscious between two skeletons in an energy pyramid, while he is being drained of his last life-force.

An old adversary shows his small face again with little sharp teeth. The dragon child, Asaah Neclash, who was after the Yellow Mask. He seemed to be helping Dunstan finish up.

Now Lorcan doesn’t look like a threat, behind the barrier, our heroes decide to rescue Corbin and punish his brother for his misdeeds.


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