Espalum, a reshaped world.

The Yellowskull Bandits and the Storm tower
The very first mission, going semi-solo

—The scene starts when Demmi, Hamate, Adin and Freztharrive back from there last training mission at the Drunken Rose guild hall. The have retrieved the book of Training and delivered it back to Makarov, the gnome guild master.

A celebration was in order and literely the roof was set on fire by Adstrur ‘Salamander’ Greytall, with one of the best festivities in a long time. They discussed the new mission, under Miradoni Shadedrow. The mission Yellowskull’s raid was rather unclear, but was interesting enough for the Drunken Rose to accept it.

The next day the five of them went on foot across the steep cliffs of Dawnforge Mountains and arrived late in the night at Fallcrest. The next morning waking early, Miradoni was missing, apparently she went on in Fallcrest. The party moved towards the Star and moons Inn under the guide of the silent Warforged, where the meeting with Captian Faringray was scheduled.

The meeting with Captian Faringray went very well and the party was introduced to the one and only survivor of the raid off the yellow skulled bandits, Sorik Orvash, the dwarf.

With the promise of a reward of 500gp the party took the quest Quest: The Yellowskulled bandits and Vanamere’s tower upon them.

They headed out, under the guide of Sorik Orvash while walking avoiding the notorious Cloak Woods. Approaching the tower the weather was worsened by the hour, until nothing could be seen except fog, heavy rain an the occasional lightning strike.

Welcome to the Adventures of Espalum
Introduction of Espalum's Adventurelog

Dear Adventurers,

This is the first of all posts where the adventures of the PC’s are written. These posts will follow two groups of adventurers. Each group adventuring for one of the guilds The Drunken Rose or The Mithril Equilibrium. Anyone playing in the adventures can make a contribution to the report of a play session. It is meant for the missing players to know what they missed. And if you cannot remember what happened before you are able to read back before the start of a session.

It will start at the next post.

Greetings, The DM


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