Sorik Orvash

Sole survivor of the raid by the Yellowskull Bandits


Sorik Orvash a stonemason from the city of Fallcrest. Sorik Orvash was one of the dwarven workers sent by Captain Faringray to rebuild the Vanamere’s Tower. Only a few days after started working on the tower they were suprised and raided by the Yellowskull Bandits.

Sorik has luckily escaped from the Yellowskull bandits by hiding himself under the ruined stairs of the tower. And when the coast was clear he knew he had to get help from the captain.

Although he is not a fighter Sorik is ready for his revenge, only Captain Faringray couldn’t afford to go himself.

Sorik is the typical Dour dwarf, only this event has scarred him for live. He swears to get his revenge but deep down he knows he will die in vain. So he accompanies the Drunken Rose group, and show the way towards the tower.

Sorik Orvash

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