Miradoni Shadedrow

Miradoni, her creations are created with the mind of a genius.


Human, Artificer


She likes to create mechanicle beings. An example is the Iron Defender, it is a method of transpartation for her.

Apparently she has a connection with Lord Warden of Fallcrest

Miradoni, can be a tough and complicated women, especialy to new members of her guild, the Drunken Rose. But she loves the guild which made her name deep through her heart.

Her last known location was on the Battlefield of Vanamere fighting the leader of the Yellow skulls, Neclash. It is not known if she survived the harsh battle.

She survived together with Demmi, and rendevoud with S’Doryn and company near the Griffon Tops. Only moments after Aksaja, destroyed the Griffon Tops.

Now she is personally trying to discover who is behind the activations of the masks.

Miradoni Shadedrow

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