Dunstin Greyson

Corbin's little brother, gone mad. (KIA)

Dunstan, who was magically gifted, highly intelligent and proud to a fault.

A disease was sweeping through the little community and all who weren’t sick yet were to evacuate. It claimed both of Corbin’s parents and his sanity.

The sudden loss of his parents, along with the responsibility of taking care of his younger brother was too much for the guy. He emerged himself into his studies and slowly got intrigued by necromancy.

His first successful experiment with necromancy. He told his brother he would kill him in a magical ritual, he would resurrect his parents and be freed from the burden of responsibility at the same time.

After a desperate struggle, Corbin escaped his home while accidentally setting fire to it, causing much of his brother’s research to be destroyed. Outraged, Dunstan swore he would chase him to the ends of the world to get what he wanted.

After years of struggling to regain what he has lost in the fire, Dunstan restarted his experiments while traveling.

After a while he got an eye of a lone traveler, Kalisa Tano, and became her disciple. And with that he became a member of the Kaveth’s Rise. His only focus though wasa becoming more powerful, and being with Misstress Tano acomplishes that.
With only he few years under her guidance, his first test arrived. He led three Elves(Veyas, Zereni and Seylas) towards the Fiddlestick forest and started to activate the three masks (Xemnas phasing, Xigbar teleport, Luxord fate) they wore.

His tasks were, activate the three masks in the Crystal Tears shrine, and summon this legendary beast. Why he didn’t know, and really didnt care.

He knew about the fiddlestick forest, and the bloody battlefield that still lay hidden. More then enough to really test his new abilities.

Returned to dust facing the Drunken Rose members, At the end of the summoning ritual for Lorgan. All that remained was a cursed holy symbol and ashes.

Dunstin Greyson

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