Corbin Greyson

Battle Cleric of the Raven Queen


Corbin Greyson, human, 32 years old

Physical Description:
Corbin stands at about 5’9 (180cm) and has a rather sturdy build. His scruffy, jet black hair still shows no signs of grey and is purposefully kept short to prevent it from getting in front of his eyes. The striking, grey eyes always appear to be serious and determined, and makes others feel like he is staring straight into their mind are underneath a pair of bushy eyebrows that seem to darken his expression. Not caring much for his looks, Corbin usually has a slight stubble which only adds to others thinking of him as a rough and difficult person.

His armor is the standard issue of his order. A plate chest guard, engraved with the head of a raven, the symbol of the Raven Queen and chain skirt. The chain is covered by a skirt of blue cloth, decorated with silver lining. The outfit is complemented by the blue cape and cowl of the same color as the skirt with the grey shawl decorated with the black raven head.

The only other defining “accessory” would be the raven that is generally perched on his shoulder. She is named Branwen and is his pet bird though he never tamed her. It is his believe that she saved his life all those years ago as per the Raven Queens instructions, but other than the fact that she is tame, she appears to be nothing more than a common raven.

He is mostly quiet and observant and tends to be cynical and a bit of a misanthrope that always seems to be grumpy. Sarcastic to a fault, he enjoys stepping on people’s toes and mocking them. In times of stress however, he is a beacon of calm. Carefully assessing the situation, he will quickly figure out how to solve the problem and how to get people to actually do what he requires of them to do so.

As one would expect from a follower of the Raven Queen, he despises the undead. However, he does not just despise them, he loathes them more than anything. For him, it’s personal. Every undead that walks the earth is one too many and needs to be destroyed, along with the heathen that summoned it. It is not just the expectation of his Deity to do so, it is own personal mission.

Corbin was born and raised in Redcliffe, youngest of two children of Greydon the carpenter and his wife Brienne. He grew up looking up to his older brother, Dunstan, who was magically gifted, highly intelligent and proud to a fault. Corbin however, was never jealous. His parents loved him and it was his dream to become a carpenter that would rival his father’s skill.

It was however, not meant to be. Returning home one day after playing out in the woods with his friend Arley, they were barred entry to the village. A disease was sweeping through the little community and all who weren’t sick yet were to evacuate. It claimed both of Corbin’s parents and his brother’s sanity.

The sudden loss of his parents, along with the responsibility of taking care of his younger brother was too much for the guy. He emerged himself into his studies and slowly got intrigued by necromancy. For Corbin, this marked the start of a lonely existence. Arley and his father were gone often as his father was starting to teach him how to be a hunter and woodsman. His brother only had eye for his books. Leaving only his father’s old workshop.

Naturally, having no one else to properly teach him, Corbin wasn’t the greatest carpenter but he tried. He slowly became better and better at it, and the townsfolk were always encouraging him but it was obvious from the lack of jobs that he wasn’t good enough for most work.

Things took yet another turn for the worse, when his brother finally snapped and tried to resurrect their parents. After coming home from a long day of hard work, Corbin was greeted by several skeletons. His brother’s first successful experiment with necromancy. Telling his brother he would kill him in a magical ritual, he would resurrect his parents and be freed from the burden of responsibility at the same time.

After a desperate struggle, Corbin escaped his home while accidentally setting fire to it, causing much of his brother’s research to be destroyed. Outraged, his brother swore he would chase him to the ends of the world to get what he wanted. Terrified, Corbin ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

Having always lived in a remote village, and without his friends knowledge of the world, Corbin had no idea where he was going and got lost, going higher and higher into the mountains, still hounded by his brother and his minions. After weeks of running, he swore he would do whatever any god would ask of him, so long as they would help him before finally passing out.

When he came to, there was a raven pecking at him with its beak while cawing to wake him up. Climbing to his feet, he continued his journey, but the raven stopped him. In fact, at the time, it seemed to Corbin like the raven was trying to guide him.

With the undead hot on trail, he decided he had nothing to lose and followed the raven and eventually found the monastery. It was there that he met Gwydion. The cleric stopped the boy and asked what he was doing up here by himself when his brothers minions showed themselves. The cleric made quick work of them and Dunstan was forced to flee.

Upon seeing the cleric fight, combined with the idea that this must be some sort of divine providence, Corbin begged the cleric to take him in and teach him. Gwydion wanted none of it, but after hearing the boy’s plight, the others overruled him. The monastery took him in and thus began his life as one of the templar of the Raven Queen.

After years of living in the monastery, he moved away in search of information about his brother. Practically stumbling upon the Drunken Rose guild, he decided to sign up with them and joined the warforged Four o Nine towards Vandamere’s tower, in search of a group of missing guild members. The fact someone resembling his brother had been seen in that direction might have played a small part in this decision.

Current Mission

After helping Hamate and the others retrieve the Roxas Mirror.
He recieved note of FourONine that there were sightings of living dead and strange magics around the Fiddlestick Forest. His pledge called and he needed to leave his fellow mates, to do his duty. Together with FourONine and two others they traveled to The Fiddlestick Forest.

Corbin Greyson

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