Espalum, a reshaped world.

Theldiria, The corrupted town

After being utterly defeated, a sad truth awaits..

After suffering a almost total defeat, S’Doryn, Connal (with an unconcious Corbin on his back), Bemno, Damaf and Maragan travel back to town to restock and what to do next.

Unknown to them after Lorcan was freed by Connal and S’Doryn, and left his prison deep under the Fiddlestick forest, he felt the need to release his rage of the last ‘few’ years on the first village in sight. Theldiria.
While flying he corrupted everything in his was leaving behind a path of corruption. And all life and nature started to slowly rot away leaving a stench witch turn even the strongest stomach inside out.

After giving the Town of Theldiria a nice dose of corruption, and enjoying the screams of so many innocents, he moves on to enjoy his freedom before the time arrives.

After a good nights rest the party finally arrives back above ground, and are shocked by the new complications of the forest. If you can even call it a forest any more. All that remains is a black road few a kilometer wide all the way to town.

While slaying the corrupted fiddlesticks they arrive a few hours later into town.
Noticing an empty town, with rotting corpses surrounding the inner walls. Inside a lone metal statue stands repelling the corruption. It is FourONine, a brave Drunken Rose Warforged, holding what looks like a barrier to keep the corruption from spreading near him.

Finally after holding the barrier for a good 12 hours, FourONine collapses into the ground. Bemno jumps in and holds the barrier.

Slowly they realize what caused the sudden corruption in town, after talking to the few villagers left in the shelter. A few dozen escaped to the south towards the Fort, although not sure Maragan hopes his father is among the survivors and decides to follow them.

One of the remaining survivors is an old gnome priestess C, praying the Tear Goddess, to hope that she can restore the corruption. Noticing her, the party hopes to learn more about the relation between the Tear Goddess and her darker half. C beleives that the Tear Goddess has shown herself in multiple appearances to her believers, of witch one is a White dragon.

She guides the party towards a temple with an old elven library.


Zenmah Zenmah

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