Espalum, a reshaped world.

Retrieving the Roxas Mirror

Finally found the Roxas mirror, wait how do we activate it?

Inside the Western Safe House of the Fyria Legios guild.

Shortly after you defeated the guard and his mechanical minions and shutdown the generator for the electricity in the platform room, you were looking for the location of the mirror. Aqil and Benmo figured out that the controls had a safety altert on them that if there is no power for more then 30 minutes, an alarm will inform the keepers of the safe house. After some fiddling with the controls of the room, you found the location of the Roxas Mirror. Before they set out, Aqil and Benmo wired the controls to fire up the electricity to fire up once the were out of the room.

Focussed on the goal, you went straight to the location of the mirror, led by Aqil and his sword of light. The door of the mirror room was lighted by five imp heads, each of different element. The room existed of five elemental cages. And a forcefield around the 10 by 15 feet mirror. As soon you entered the room five imps flew down and tried to keep you from the mirror. Unfortunately for them you managed to subdue them into their cages and the forcefield was lifted from the mirror.

With no way to activate the mirror, and the need to bring the mirror to Hacari Meluzan. It was decided that they needed to take it with them.

When you arrived back at the platform room, it was noticed that the electricity was once more out, and you did not have much time before the alarm was going to go off. With haste you rushed with the hefty mirror to the exit. Almost there, the electricity fired back up, and with a rustling sound waves of mechanical spiders were coming from all directions. At the exit where Varis was standing guard, Aqil and Benmo managed to open the entrance wide enough for the mirror to move through while Corbinand Hamatemanaged to keep the spiders away from the rest.

After the mirror went through, Benmo, Corbin, Saddoukand Hamate went through but unfortunately Aqil was caught by the spiders. With all his might he managed to keep them away from the entrance with fire lots and lots of fire. But wave after wave kept coming and the ripped him apart as the door closed down before the rest. Finally the heard a muffled scream of what might have been a demon ripple towards the city.

Quickly they escaped to a nearby cart salesman, who looked upon their despair was lucky to finally sell that last cart he still had standing. Outside people clad in Fyria Legios clothing were quickly moving to the safe house. After the ruckus quited down a bit, they embarked on a journey back towards the Drunken Rose.

When you finally left Austrunur, the City of Stone suddenly the horses stopped, and a strange air tremor followed. Its like they knew what was coming. Every fiber in the air of the whole Stone Mountains region trembled as a strange light far across the mountains was visible. The light traveled many miles across the sky towards Austrunur, as it came close it disappeared into the clouds.

Quickly struggling to keep the horses in check they traveled onwards toward the Drunken Rose.


Zenmah Zenmah

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