Espalum, a reshaped world.

Protect All, Ban Evil

Lorgan locked away? Dunstan is not amused

Bemno Bladebuckle has returned to the scene to assist the troubled Dragonborn, with his Gnome issues.

Having solved their own trials Varis, Conall Axfort and S’Doryn need to activate the Barrier.

Now all trials have been solved, the Barrier activates around the summoned dragon with the invocation PROTECT ALL, BAN EVILPROTECT ALL, BAN EVIL!

Lorcan once again is denied freedom, Dunstan is not amused.

Corbin is unconscious between two skeletons in an energy pyramid, while he is being drained of his last life-force.

An old adversary shows his small face again with little sharp teeth. The dragon child, Asaah Neclash, who was after the Yellow Mask. He seemed to be helping Dunstan finish up.

Now Lorcan doesn’t look like a threat, behind the barrier, our heroes decide to rescue Corbin and punish his brother for his misdeeds.


Zenmah Zenmah

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