Espalum, a reshaped world.

Lorcan and The Tear Goddess

Kaveth's Rise revealed, the masterminds behind all the occured events


Dunstan is defeated, and hopefully his minions will stay dead this time. Corbin, Dunstan’s little brother is still lying unconscious in the energy pyramid along a few other skeletons. And slowly his life-force is being drained by the still ongoing ritual. Can it be stopped? Will it be in time to save Corbin?

The events that occured

As Dunstan was wasted by Maragan’s Fiery finish, finally it was over for our heroes. Unfortunally it was not yet over for the unconscious Corbin, Dunstan’s brother.
It seemed that Corbin was in a cage that transferred lifeforce of the once inside towards the huge Orb in the center of the room. Presumably to use this lifeforce to feed the summoned dragon, Lorcan, inside.
After Bemno and the rest disabled the cage, a bright flash of light lit the whole room blinding everyone inside. A few minutes pass by, slowly retuning eyesight.
And revealing that the darkred chained dragon called Lorcan was gone. Instead the most beatifull sight was revealed to them. An elegant, shining in light, white dragon appeared in that same cage.


Zenmah Zenmah

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