Espalum, a reshaped world.

The Battles of Vanamere's Tower

Just before the party arrives at Vanamere’s Tower in the heavy an dark rain, they spot the ruins, and quietly close in. The party spots a captured dwarf, who was taken in by what apeared the yellowskulled bandits they heard so much about. Orsik, who was traveling with them cowared away when he knew what was going to happen. During the rescure operation the dwarf appeared to be a Yellowskulled doppelganger named Celk. But luckily are heroes where quite competent and turned this betrayal against Celk and his buddies. The fighting ended with a loud and sharp lightningbolt striking the tower. And out of the ruins a few rocks scattered, and a scroll encased in a copper casing dropped on the floor.

The ruins of Vanamere’s tower only let men wander to think what it has been. Now it it barely 3 meters high with a large hole as the entrance and a stone starwell that curls up to where the second floor was suppose to be. In the floor was a 2 meter wide hole with a rope hanging to the basement. And on the outside wall there were traces of the Goldenhawk Crest.

Our brave heroes, Adin, Hamate, Demmi and Ferzth headed down while Osrik guarded the entrance. Unknowingly they were ambushed by Tregger and his pet Chomper and a few other yellowskulls. They tore right through the armor of Ferth in the first few seconds. Luckily Hamate and the rest quickly freed the cleric of Chompers grasp. An they unleashed their revenge by setting the wooden staircases on fire, with some yellowskull on it. During the fight they vanquished all but on of the yellowskulls. He got away towards the next room.

After the wooden


Zenmah Zenmah

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