Espalum, a reshaped world.

Griffon Tops, Second visit

The dragon, Aksaja has left to the sky's. The Griffon tops are destroyed. And our heroes, are falling to their deaths.

The Rescue

Luckily Miradoni and Demmi save the day. And a little bit of luck grants Connal an oppertunity to retrieve his stolen sword.

To reunite, and to find the lost mask, the heroes return to the entrance of the Griffon top for a talk and a nights rest. That morning Miradoni and Demmi leave to find more info about the organization that is pulling the strings. While the others retrieve the mask that has fallen down.

Return to the Tops

The mask was under a pile of rocks and was broken. A ritual quickly repaired the ancient item and it was decided that it was worth checking out the remaining altars on top of the broken tops. The altars, where the deva’s were praying, now hung in the air.

The Deva’s return for revenge

But fail and die horribly

Secret visit by Trituli
Duran the Kobold village and the draconic scale

A large dragonic scale fell from the dragon Aksaja into the peaceful village Duran. And lodged itself into the great totem. One of the kobolds took a piece of the scale and made it into a staff, maddening himself. Until he was stopped by the heroes who where searching for

Mad Hag and the last mask

An old and strange gnome collects artifacts. She holds the last of the three masks activated on the Griffon tops. She traded the seemingly fake mask for the staff with a piece of draconic scale.

Return to the Drunken Rose

Fyria Legios has suspicions of Drunken Rose members, and searches the guild. In the mean while our heroes are confronted with their worst fears.

Meetup with Hacari and the assualt of Trituli


Zenmah Zenmah

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